Our top 10 Menu

This is our top 10 menu for last 20 years restaurant Operation!

And From Now On , we are operate everyday (From 11 until 9pm, friday-sat extend one more hour) , And we do have our promotion ( Click our last pic to know the detail directly) . For reservation here's our whatsapp link :

 Our Boss John Have word to write:

🌟✨ Gratitude Feast: A Special Thanks to Our Amazing Customers! ✨🌟 .

Dear Customer, As the proud owner of The Italian Job Restaurant Malaysia, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the unwavering support we have received from our incredible patrons. Your loyalty and enthusiasm have made every culinary journey with us a truly joyous experience.

🍽️🎉 To express our heartfelt thanks, we're thrilled to announce a special initiative that celebrates the joy of sharing great moments together. From now on , we invite all our cherished guests to become part of our culinary story in a unique way.


📸📹 Snap, Share, and Savor Rewards! 📹📸

If you've ever captured the essence of your dining experience at our restaurant through a photo or video, we want to extend our gratitude in a tangible way. Share your delightful moments on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram (reel or stories ) , YouTube Shorts, or Facebook Reels/story, and you'll not only be spreading the love but also earning a little extra love in return! .

💸 Earn 5% for Every Post/Video, Every Day! 💸

Starting now, for every new post or video showcasing your dining experience here, we're excited to offer you a special 5% cashback on your bill for that day! Your creativity becomes our inspiration, and we want to reward you for being an integral part of our culinary community. 


🌐 How to Claim Your Reward:

📷 Capture the magic of your meal at the The Italian Job Restaurant Malaysia by hashtag #theitalianjob or @ the italian job in any social media we have .

🚀 Share it on your favorite social media platform with the hashtag

💰 Enjoy a 5% cashback on your bill for the day! .


Let's create a feast of memories together and spread the word about the culinary wonders at The Italian Job restaurant ! Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait to see the incredible moments you share.

Thank you for being the heart and soul of The Italian Job restaurant Here's to more delicious memories and countless reasons to be thankful. With heartfelt appreciation,

John,  Owner of the The Italian Job Restaurant Malaysia 🍽️✨

"It’s okay show to us after eating, and you’ll get a discount right away."

Visit us at The Italian Job 31, Jalan SS2/30 47300 PJ Whatsapp num:0143186245

經過20年的經驗, 我們總結出我們的10大好吃佳餚😋 凡有在自己社交媒体hash tag 或 post 我們的照片/視訊的 吃完了再post也行,馬上得折扣。能美言幾句最好👍 每一餐吃了都post也行,也可馬上得折扣。 別忘記現在起,我們每天都開業。請大家多多光臨和享用我們的美食。 需要預位, 可以message / WhatsApp 我們👍
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